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Our Approach 

Aquifer means the determination for water to pass through rock, unrelenting in its goal. At Real Aquifer we authentically apply this principle to support our clients achieve their goals - be that through our:

1) freestyle martial arts programmes, 

2) personal or corporate fitness and wellbeing,

3) our school energisers and community engagements,

4) or the great clubs and fun parties we do!


We apply the aquifer principle to everything we do in order to maximise value for our clients enabling:

  • building communities of interest 

  • physical and intellectual challenge 

  • self discipline and drive

  • inclusion and diversity of thought 

  • integrity, honesty, authenticity 

  • confidence and passion

  • enjoyment and fun! 


As a community based business we hold these principles dearly.


Come and see why we do what we do!


Martial arts is a fantastic social environment for everyone. The community looks after each other and welcomes new people all the time. The instructors consider everyone a member of their extended family and genuinely care for all the students and parents who become a part of the community. The safe and structured interactions in the martial arts community help children learn how to socialise well with other students and respectfully to other adults


Children of all ages have different abilities and different types of intelligence which we embrace and nurture. Some are more creative. Others more numerical and so on. Our drills are designed to help nurture independent thinking through overcoming challenges across ranges of intelligence. Every child has an opportunity to discover their preference and find how they can be their own hero.


Our drills are specifically designed to target and significantly improve different areas of physical development at different stages of development in a person’s life. We work on strength, dexterity, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, cardio and speed of movement from young children to fully grown adults.


Martial arts offer a structured environment with set boundaries, but did you also know that in addition to the outward discipline that can be seen we also cultivate and teach self-discipline. The ability to make the right choice when the authority figure (instructor or parent etc) is not there.


Drive and determination are key factors in life for success and in martial arts we show determination and drive every day through training and teaching how to set goals properly and adding a framework to achieve those goals. A goal could be anything from achieving a black belt to losing weight, managing anxiety or simply doing better at school, we will help every step of the way until a student is ready to grow beyond us and do it independently.


We value every student from every background. The stories and experiences of a student’s life is what makes them, them. We want to know your stories and become an important and supportive force in the life of all of our students.


We live what we teach because we believe that leading by example is the best way to teach others to do the same. This way we develop students who become role models in their wider communities. We are in this to develop leaders that others want to look up to.

Aquifer means the determination for water to pass through rock, unrelenting in its goal. At Real Aquifer we authentically apply this principle to support our clients achieve their goals


We value honesty and transparency as this develops trust in both the instructors and the students.


We welcome all students from all walks of life. You are your best self when you can be yourself and we make it a safe environment for you to be expressive of who you are. 


Confidence comes in many different forms for many different people. We aim to increase a student’s confidence where it may be lacking. Self defence for security. Socialisation for those who may be shyer. Achieving higher grades and pushing your boundaries for those who want a sense of achievement and fulfilment. You may not even be aware of what it is you’re looking for and that is why we work with every student to unlock their full potential.


Young or old. Child or adult. We understand that everyone learns best when they enjoy what they are doing and learning. We put a focus on making the classes structured and fun.

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